Curved Infrared Heater Black (400W)

Product Description

This stand-alone curved heater, supplies instant heated in areas where traditional heating is being used, with its simple On/Off switch.

The curved panel is design to give a supplement heat where traditional heating is still being used, an inexpensive to operate 500mm curved panel, can easily be plugged into the main current and using the ON/Off switch give direct heat where needed.

Idea for direct heat within a conservatory, caravan or mobile home then our portable InfraRed heaters will heat an area of up to 5sqm with very little energy use. Comes with colored or printed finish with hard wearing robust aluminium frame, with a surface temperature of 70 degree centigrade, with a curved feature idea for close surround heating whilst in a sitting position or under desk heated areas.

Very popular for commercial office areas, where traditional heating is fitted but cold areas still exist, or for studies where extra heating is needed.

For a commercial application, Infrared has been proven to increase plant growth, using the portable curved panel to heat greenhouse or tented plant areas, increase to growing rates of plant, whilst still maintaining a healthy environment for plant growth.

Technical Specification

Dimensions: 500 x 550 x 175mm
Power: 400 Watt
Voltage: 220V- 240V
Heating Coverage: 4.83-5.88m2
Overheat Protection: 120/130oC
Energy Transfer: 98%

Manufacturer Material Specification

Surface Design: Framed Polished Aluminium with PET front and Heat Resistant Aluminium
Heating Element: Carbon Crystal Nanotech Ink
Material: Conductive Electrical Carbon Modular Nanotech Ink/Epoxy Resin
Construction: Framed aluminium curved with PET heating element and Post Red Colored Aluminium back
Fixings: Free Standing with On/Off Switch
Connection: UK/EU/US Plug with 2-meter cable
Surface Temperature: < 85°C +/-5%
Service Life: 20 years
Warranty: *10 years (Subject to Conditions)
IP Rating: IP 41