Shenzhen Yandiya Technology are award winning industry leaders with the best performing, most efficient and best designed radiant heaters out there. With many years in the far infrared heating industry, we’ve built a reputation of quality, dependability and innovation, which is prevalent in our extensive range of heaters that cover the widest range of applications.

Our products have been independently tested by TUV Rhineland & EU Energy Committee to the highest quality, performance and health & safety standards. Proven by the A+ ERP ratings amongst other certifications our products carry, whilst continually striving to be best in class

By choosing Shenzhen Yandiya Technology rest assured, you will be choosing the best infrared products on the market backed with independent Accreditation and Certification with excellent Customer Service & Experience, for all your heating needs.


Our products are competitively priced so therefore cost similar to traditional systems, unlike other alternative heating systems which almost cost double if not more.


Due to the simplicity of our panels, our heating system will usually take an electrician one day to install in a typical 3 bedroom house, compared to a plumber requiring at least 3-5 days to fit a full gas boiler system in. Therefore you save money on the labour work required for installation.

In a commercial environment it is even easier as it can be installed in existing grid ceilings and using existing electrical infrastructure.


Far Infrared Heating works to heat up the building and surrounding mass, unlike conventional heating which only heats up air. Therefore the heat is retained in the area and re-radiated back for a much longer period. So after initial heat up period, our panels work so efficiently, that they do not come on as long or as much as conventional heating, thereby saving you considerable energy and cost over time. Up to 60% cost savings compared to some alternative systems.

Maintenance / Service

Our heating system requires no maintenance or servicing at all, therefore saving you the cost of annual service and if a panel breaks down, it is replaced with a new panel subject to warranty. Whilst the rest of the system does not get effected, continuing to heat your environment.

There are additional costs savings for commercial and landlords due to regulations around gas.


With ever changing Government Legislation driving the country towards lowering their Carbon footprints and energy usage, our technologies and R&D are focused on meeting these requirements to make a better, cleaner future for all.

At Yandiya, this is one of the core incentives to promote our products. Our Far Infrared Heating can help towards achieving decarbonisation due to the highly efficient way our heating works. Compared to existing systems, to heat up the same area our panels will use considerably less energy and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

Taking this even further, our technology can be used in a system with PV Solar Panels to completely become a carbon free heating solution. Therefore, as well as helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, it also aids in providing a better chance of successful planning and building applications, not to mention opening access to government incentives, rebates and grants.

The Shenzhen Yandiya Technology Infrared heating system now offers pioneering intelligent living system that learns and works around you, observing how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most time in and how you use heating and lighting. It seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment and reduces energy consumption and costs without your input. Our intelligent control system is governed by the EU Lot 20 regulations, but with the added innovation of not having a thermostat, our built in sensor that emit an infrared beam around your home, means no more lengthy installs of positioning a thermostat, just simply install the panel and control system in each room to see saving almost immediately. Our relay can be connected with up to four infrared heating panels or 10amp maximum, along with our Zigbee control panel that simply replaces the light switch and works as a normal light switch as well as our intelligent heating system. Included in our sensor now are voice controls for changing the setting, open window sensor, motion sensor and much more, with over 13 different sensors learning how you live and work. All guaranteed compliance with energy savings while ensuring no compromise on the style and mounting options of the panels. The YL93 energy monitoring system will send an email every week so you can compare your usage our control system not only ensures compliance but also easy installation, while being user friendly and cost-effective.

The minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio value that an electric heating system must reach is 38%. The first factor is based on the type of temperature control that the product employs. Products with a simple control or without a control receive a value of 0%. Products using smart temperature control and weekly and daily timer, such as the YL93 sensors and its relays, get a value increase of 7%.

The second factor is based on the benefits derived from special functions that specifically improve energy efficiency. Shenzhen Yandiya Technology intelligence enables it to make real-time adjustments to your usual routines, saving you the cost of heating an empty home the next generation YL93 smart controls incorporate interior temperature control software. They also include internal modem for Wi-Fi and an adaptable start-up control, all of which adds a further 2% to the initial 30% value that all electric heaters have.

The third and final factor that affects the seasonal energy efficiency ratio is the product energy consumption while in standby mode. Shenzhen Yandiya Technology infrared heating panels and intelligence system range next have a standby consumption below the required limit, thus complying with the Lot20 regulations and improving the product’s efficiency.

Shenzhen Yandiya Technology is always striving to improve and develop the best-in-class smart homes systems, keeping up with the latest technology and developments within the IOT solutions.

One of the biggest and most important challenges facing house designers, builders and commercial buildings in the modern age is how to ensure the carbon emissions from the building can be minimised, and to aim for a zero emission target, or a non-carbon contribution.