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    Outdoor Space Heaters

    Powerful, 1000w - 3000w, for where you need that extra heat

    Suitable for Conservatories, Outdoor & Large Spaces
    For Large areas to maximise infrared absorbsion
    Bringing summer to outdoor areas all year round
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    Infrared Glass Heaters

    Beautiful finish, 450w - 900w, available in Black and White

    Frameless Polished Tempered Glass
    Best Medium for Infrared Energy Saving
    Snow White and Piano Black finishes
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    Stylish Infrared Mirrors

    Elegant & Efficient 350w - 500w Mirror Heaters, Ideal for Bathrooms

    Polished Flat Toughened Mirrors
    Increased Infrared Penetration
    True perspective reflection
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    Satin Aluminium IR Panels

    350w - 1200w Wall or Ceiling Mounted, highest performance IR heaters available

    Satin Finished seamless aluminium
    Insulated for maximum heat output and energy efficiency
    Perfect for smaller budgets
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    NanoHeat Underfloor

    Power Saving, Nano-Particle, Electric Carbon Heating System

    Polymer Carbon Infrared Underfloor Heating
    Self Controlled Function for best thermal efficiency
    Carries on working even when partial damage
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Welcome to Yandiya
Manufacturers of Superior Far Infrared Heating Panels.

Shenzhen Yandiya Technology manufacture low carbon far infrared heating panels. Our sustainable heating panels offers a next generation solution to the diminishing supply of fossil fuel. Not only does Far Infrared deliver significant financial, efficiency and sustainability improvements, the technology is also known to have many well documented health benefits.

With our wide range of products, we understand the need for professional advisers to help replace more traditional forms of heating, and the confidence that our agents can advise the best systems required for project work. Using our tiered distribution outlets is gives you the confidence that you will receive a competitive pricing structure directed from the factory for distribution into your industry.

A Global Group

Worldwide Distribution

Yandiya are committed to the design development, manufacture and distribution of next generation heating & Lighting solutions.

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Low Cost

Affordable to All

Reducing the overall costs across multiple areas from affordability, installation through to maintenance with up to 60% off running costs.

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Environmentally Safe

With the added benefit of having a low carbon footprint, helping towards decarbonisation, environmental consideration and providing better social well being.

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Energy Efficiency

Save money on your Bills

Our products are designed to reduce the amount of energy required to heat and illuminate the same environment compared to traditional systems.

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